Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Break

 Dear all.
I'l take a summer break from blogging for some weeks.
It's very hot here in Vienna, next week 37C (about 98F) are expected and we are literally melting.
Therefor at home,our main menu will be salads, ice cream and lots of cold drinks.
In the evenings, when it hopefully starts to freshen up a bit, I'll try to create some fresh summer dishes and drinks, find new ideas and inspirations and would love to share all these  experiences with you on my next post by the beginning of August.
Here are some of the pictures from our latest trips, maybe they inspire you for your next holidays.
Have a great summer, enjoy sun , the outdoors, the company of family and friends and all the wonderful summer food.
See you soon, take care

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Surprising Sunday
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Cartagena - Colombia
Cartagena - Colombia's Caribbean Crown Jewel


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