Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Naschmarkt,The "Belly Of Vienna" - Where Life Tastes Good

Oh dear, I missed you all and I missed blogging.
During my time off, your comments and kind words, support and likes on FB and Instagram meant the world to me!
Now I'm back and it feels wonderful and strange at once writing my first post after a long time.
As you know, I live a life between two worlds, Austria and Peru and there are always new sights,flavours and experiences on these travels which I love to share with you.
This time I would like to take you along on a visit to the Naschmarkt, one of the most beautiful open air markets in the world.
Over 120 stalls  sell their products here and the real challenge is NOT to find, what you are looking for.
Founded in 1774, the Naschmarkt has an extension of 2,3 Hektars and has been planned by the famous Viennes Art Nouveau architect Otto Wagner.
There you will discover many hidden culinary gems much beyond Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel.
The place is a true encounter of cultures where Occident meets Orient, enriched as well with Asian and African influences.
It's an adventure for all senses, the colors, textures and aromas are amazing.
In the neighborhood of the market many small eateries have settled and offer drinks, coffee and food to the hungry visitors.
The number of trendy cafes,bars and restaurants in the area has exploded in the past years and it has become "The Place" to see and be seen.
Families, the young and the beautiful, trendsetters and foreign visitors are sitting side by side enjoying peacefully the delicatessen the place has to offer.
One of my favorites for a fabulous brunch is the restaurant "Orient Occident"
A stroll through this incredible open air market is highly recommended whether you are a foodie, architecure lover or just a visitor interested to explore "the belly of Vienna" and truly get to know the tastes, sights and sounds of the city.

Wild mushrooms, fresh Chicoree, horse radish and gorgeous tomatoes making PR for fresh veggies.

Variations of hand made Pasta and Gnocci

Turkish sweets

All kind of nuts- roasted, Wasabi coated or sweeetned with wild honey

Olives from all over the world in different colours and shapes

Fresh herbs for the health conscious

 Your future fruit salad on display

 I don't know what she has seen - was it the price?

 For the ones with a sweet tooth - candied fruits

 Vitamines the whole year long - dried berries and fruits

So many legumes

For tea lovers

All stuffed: tomatoes,mini pumkins,dates, pepperonies,bell pepper

 Even the Austrian National costume is present - Dirndl for children

Early visitors

Serving local specialities in style

 Arriving early for breakfast

And many beautiful sights in the neighbourhood. This is the code of arms of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The curious thing is that the city of Lima,capital of Peru has a very similar code of arms, due to Charles V, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and of the Vicekingdom of Peru! 

Tip: The Naschmarkt is open from Monday through Friday from 6.30 to 19h,
Saturdays from 6.30 to 18h. Closed on Sunday. Best day to go is on Saturday.
More info about how to get there on public transport and other useful orientation at:


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