Friday, February 12, 2016

A Temporary Farewell And Some Sweet Valentine's Inspiration

 Dear all,
you might have wondered why there has been not quite the ususal frequent posting here at
"The Ambassador's Table".
My life has been a bit complicated lately due to several reasons,the strongest of them were some health issues I had to deal with.
Thanks God, things ar slowly improving but it hastaken a lot of energy and time to get back on the road.
Now I think it's time to take a ( hopefully creative ) break from blogging, spending more time with my family and concentrating on photography.
For the time being, you will find my news on Instagram and FB.
However I will keep in touch with you my friends and fellow bloggers.
Your support and inspiration mean the world to me so I will continue to read your posts and occasionally comment.
Hopefully," The Ambassador's Table" will be back by June.
But that's not all of course.Valentine's celebrations are ante portas and I would like to present you some sweet inspirations from previuos posts for this special day.
Have a happy Valentine!
Hugs and until then

  Decadent Chocolate-Merengue Semifreddo With Caramelized Orangesauce

Subtle French Temptation: Creme Brulée with Blueberries and My First Blogging Annniversary      

 A Delicate Pleasure:Sweet Omlette Soufflé

Pears go glamour: poached with spices and served with orange butter

Sweet Tropical Temptation: Passion Fruit Cheesecake

 Sweet Valentine with delicate Crepes Suzette

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