Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Amazing Purple Corn

The Amazing Purple Corn

Purple corn is a close relative of our yellow corn and is grown in the Andean regions of Peru.

This ancient healing food has been cultivated already centuries ago by the Incas and is still very popular among modern Peruvians.

Among its many health benefits is its high content of anti-oxidants. It is also anti- inflammatory, helpful against diabetes and has a great weight loss potential.
Its deep, rich color has been used traditionally to color food.

In modern Peruvian cuisine it’s used for many purposes. Recently I tried Cheesecake with a Chicha topping, a real culinary Highlight.

A refreshing, customary drink called Chicha Morada is made by boiling the purple corn.

This vitalizing, cool drink is all natural, very refreshing and cause of its gorgeous color a real treat for the eyes.

To prepare Chicha Morada you need:

2l water

½ kg purple corn

½ Pineapple

3 limes

The peel of ½ kg apples

3 cloves

1 cinamon stick

½ cup of sugar


Bring  the water to boil with all the above mentioned ingredients except for the sugar and the lime juice.

Then lower the temperature to moderate heat and let simmer for about 45 minutes.

Let cool down and drain.

Serve ice cold. You can keep the Chicha Morada  in the fridge for 2-3 days.

*Note: add the sugar and lime juice just before serving to prevent fermentation!
Serves 8-10



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hola Lima - First Impressions

Dear all,

we arrived in Lima a few days ago and I’m still a bit jet lagged but happy.

After a long European winter we enjoy lots of sun and warm temperatures.

Our container has already arrived at the Callao Port, but will be transported to our apartment hopefully next

week. It will be great to unpack and having all my stuff and kitchen accessories finally with me again.

Until then, I would like to share with you a few pictures and impressions of Lima, hope you enjoy it!

Sunrise during the flight Amsterdam-Lima

Containers waiting for their final destination at the Port in Lima (among them, and impossible to identify, ours)

During the custom inspection of our container- watch out for the Ferragamo-like security shoes!

The green heart of the city- view from our apartment

Enjoying a nice glass of frozen lemonade at a seaside restaurant

 View over the port from the same restaurant


A wonderful selection of seafood hors d’oeuvres  together with the national soft drink Inca Cola - what else!

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