Thursday, December 6, 2012

Picture(s) Of The Week

Sweets With A Golden Touch

 Rome at Christmas time has a very special atmosphere. Shops are elegantly decorated and you can find the most beautiful little gifts in the small streets around the Spanish Steps.

Now the city is in total frenzy about a new boutique that offers the ultimate luxury chocolates.
The last extravaganza, just in time for Christmas season, are Macarons (sweets made with almond fluor,filled with butter cream in different flavors) covered with ultra thin, eatable leaf gold.
I didn't realize the economy is so bad that even my food has gold reserves, but at least it looks pretty, doesn't it? :)

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  1. Yes, it's incredible,will try at least one next time I'm in Down Town.

  2. The macaroons look fantastic, suppose the are very expensive too :)

  3. Well,it's not exactly a Super Sale price :)

  4. Are you serious? Never heard of eatable gold. The pictures look amazing!

  5. It was new for me too. But apparantly they are a big success because people are always
    queueing to buy them.

  6. We use edible gold flakes for cooking in Japan too. I love the gold macarons...very festive, and in Japan it would treat as good luck. ;)

  7. Hi Nami,
    How interesting that you use edible gold flakes in Japan and that they simbolize Good Luck! Great to learn something about Japanese culture and cuisine. :)

  8. This is so beautiful. I love the macarons! Very delicious :)


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