Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Picture(s) Of The Week

Roman Autumn Markets

It's such a pleasure to stroll through the traditional Roman Markets.
They are lively,colorful and an important way of Italian life.  They are also supporting local farmers and are a great way to eat locally.
When you watch the different stalls at a farmers market, you know in which season you are.
Look at these pictures.  Don’t they say autumn with every product?
It’s also fantastic because you get cooking tips both from sellers and shoppers, they know their products and how to prepare them best. And they always enjoy a nice chat.

Aren’t these fresh Funghi Porcini (wild mushrooms) lovely?
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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! They are in season now, fresh and with an amazing aroma.

  2. The mushrooms look amazing! I hope you'll post some good mushroom recipies while it's the season!

  3. Yes, Sabrina I will. Just check the next postings :)

  4. Look at all that wonderful produce and the mushrooms look absolutely stunning! Yum!

  5. Yes, it's a real feast for the eyes to see all these colors.


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