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Hello and Welcome to The Ambassador's Table! My name is Daniela Grimburg, I'm a native Austrian and have been living and working in different countries like India, Switzerland, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Italy and Peru where we live currently. What is this blog about? This blog is about food, photography, and traveling for all foodies who enjoy recipes from different cultures, like to entertain and get inspired about new travel destinations. What about the name? Ever since I married a diplomat and through all the years we spent in different countries around the world, our table became a meeting place for our family ,the center of cross-cultural encounters with our guests and a point of culinary creativity. So take a seat, have fun and enjoy The Ambassador's Table!



  1. Daniela, I am very excited to be retuning to Salzburg after 43 years! Mark and I will be there for 3 full days and 4 nights. I know you are from Austria but not sure where. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! You can email me at cocoaandlavender@gmail.com. We will also be visiting Garmisch, Zurich, and Heidelberg - all places I have spent time and enjoyed.


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